Pet Sitting Rates

Overnight stays in your home $65/night 
You can also choose multiple visits, which you can mix and match, if  your dog is fine to stay alone overnight. 

If you choose this latter option, we highly recommend a minimum of 3 visits per day. Please remember your dog will have to hold his/her bladder and other functions for several hours between visits. A morning, afternoon and evening visit are recommended. Ideally your dog would do best with a breakfast visit, an afternoon walk/visit, dinner and a bedtime pee break. This schedule allows for lots of exercise, mental stimulation and several opportunities to relieve themselves. 

15 Minute visits  $15
30 Minute visits  $22
1 Hour visits  $30 
All visits can include feeding/water refresh, walk/play time as well as mail pick up, plants watered etc. 

Additional charges for 3 or more pets. 
If your dog suffers from anxiety, is an elderdog or has behaviour issues, staying home while you are away may be the best option for them. 
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