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Dog Walking - PRICES
Walking Services Monday through Friday:
Need a walk on a weekend? Please contact us to find out if we are available. We are happy to help as long as someone is available. 


15 Minute Potty Break/Walk - $15.00


30 Minute Private Walk - $22.00


1 Hour Private Walk - $30.00 

1 Hour Buddy or Group Walk/Play - $25.00

$10/per additional dog within household

All group and buddy dogs must be dog friendly and up to date on vaccines

Prices are based on one dog per household, each additional dog within the household is an extra $5.00/per walk unless otherwise noted. Additional charges may be applied to areas outside Alliston. All prices are subject to HST.

All walks are safe and structured and include a water refresh and feeding if necessary. Walks are dependant on the weather. Temperatures too hot or too cold can be dangerous to your dog and walks may be cancelled or shortened during these circumstances. In these instances your dog/s will be let out to relieve themselves and Indoor play time will be subsituted for your dog's walk.

Includes litter/bedding care, feeding, water refresh, play and snuggle time. We will also get your mail and water plants etc. as needed. 


Single visit 20 Minutes $15.00  



While you are away, your pets can remain in the stress free environment of their home and still receive the exercise they need to release pent up energy and avoid unwanted and destructive behaviours.

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