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"Jody has been a great help in giving us direction as far as transitioning to a more natural approach in caring for our dogs. Since the passing of our beloved Dakota, Jody helped us in finding ways to care for our dog Zeus and our new rescue dog Zakota, so that we could enjoy their love and companionship for years to come." 


- Douglas and Karen Davis, Lisle ON

"Jody thank you so much for your pet sitting service to our two goldens. Your knowledge and flexibility in service is second to none and we appreciate that very much.  The dogs just love you and i know they've had a great visit with you because they are so tired and content when we get home.  The service you provide is greatly appreciated!!"

- Jill R., Alliston ON

"Jody has helped me with my Westie since we brought him home at 12 weeks of age. When we go away Jody is the one person we trust to care for Boo. Jody helped us with a raw/homecooked diet, along with supplements, and Boo is now three and a half years old and doing wonderful!  My little guy has been doing very well, has no health problems other than some allergy issues and even our vet couldn't believe how great he looked and said his skin and coat are great. In fact, they couldn't believe I was having so few problems with his skin and allergies. I don't give him chemicals of any kind unless absolutely necessary not even for flea prevention I use all natural ingredients."


- Mary Morrison, Alliston ON

"Jody has helped us tremendously with two of our Boxers. Our boy, Preston, is no longer with us, but Jody helped us with him after he was diagnosed with glomerulonephritis, a condition affecting the kidneys. If not for the help we received from Jody, I don't believe Preston would have lived as long as he did, after his diagnosis. I used to live with Jody, as her tenant, and I thought she was a crazy dog lady, but now I realize how much she truly cares for animals and how useful her knowledge has become. Jody continues to help us with our female Boxer, Patience. Patience had puppy mange, is currently overweight and she has bad hips. Jody has helped us with changing her diet, exercise through dog walking and with  her hips and skin issues as she uses Patience as one of her volunteer dogs throughout her canine massage thearpy course. In short, we still think Jody is a crazy dog lady, but we are very thankful for all of her help with our dogs over the years."


- Holly Larocque , Cookstown ON

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