Jody Robson

Owner/Operator Pawsitive Bonds


I discovered my passion when I began working at a natural pet food and supply store. It was during this time I began learning about the importance of nutrition and more importantly, I discovered the truth about what is really healthy for our pets.


In September 2012 I started a Canine Massage Course through Treetops and E-Training for Dogs, which I completed in November 2014. I recently completed the Canine Nutrition course through E-Training for Dogs, which was taught by Dr. Ava Frick, DVM and I continue to take courses and attend seminars whenever possible to continue upgrading my skills and educating myself and my staff. 


Some of the seminars I have attended include Dr. Ian Dunbar's four day seminar on Sex and Aggression in dogs, focusing on sexual behavior and reproduction, social behavior and dominance, fighting (dog - dog aggression) and biting (dog - human aggression).

OCanine Foundations seminars in K9 Self Defense, Behaviour 101, Resource Guarding, Separation Anxiety and Dog to Dog Aggression.


IMonica Segal's "K9 Kitchen" seminar, discussing canine nutrition and wellness.

Racine Hyatt's Athletic Performance Strategies and Raising an Athletic Puppy. 


During my time at the pet food and supply store, I attended countless meetings and seminars by distributors, manufacturers, nutritionists, pet owners and scientists who assisted in or developed their own pet foods and supplements.


I have lived with animals my entire life; from dogs and cats to ferrets, reptiles and even an oppossum.  Currently I share my home with two cats, two dogs, two White's Tree frogs and four Bearded Dragons, all of which are rescues.


Over the past eleven years I have had the awesome opportunity of meeting and working with some truly wonderful people in the pet industry, who have all provided me with new experiences, information, and have led me to the path I am on currently.


I truly believe we can live harmoniously with our companion animals without the use of force, intimidation, or causing fear in our pets, because fear is not friendship.  Dominance theories have been debunked by the leading names in animal behaviour and training. Unfortunately these theories are what many trainers continue to base their training on. Relationships can only thrive when there is understanding, patience, and respect from both sides. This cannot be accomplished through the use of force, fear, and intimidation.


My goal is to help pet owners live the most harmonious and healthy lives they can with their companion animals. Whenever possible I will do all that I can to provide my clients with the most up to date information available.


When your pets are in my care they will be treated with the upmost respect, patience, and understanding.  I will strive to ensure they are provided with the mental and physical stimulation they require. 

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