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Jody Robson

Owner/Operator Pawsitive Bonds


 I have lived with animals my entire life; from dogs and cats to ferrets, reptiles and even an opossum.  Currently I share my home with two cats, Reedus and Jack,  two dogs, Arthur and Paddington and two White's Tree frogs, Houdini and Little Shy Guy.

In August 2020 I lost my eldercat, Zaboo. She was just shy of 19 years of age. My elderdog, Marley, passed away in December 2020 at the age of 15 years. 

My love for the health and well being of dogs started with a dog I adopted from a friend. Her name was Tailey and she was the unexpected gift who changed the entire trajectory of my life and catapulted me into learning about canine nutrition and wellness as well as training and behaviour. 


After working in a pet food and supply store for six years, I decided to open Pawsitive Bonds Dog Walking and Pet Services in August 2013. It's now been seven years serving New Tecumseth and the surrounding areas and it's still the best choice I ever made! I am happy to now include Dog Training to my list of services! 


Over the past 15 years I have attended seminars and completed several courses related to canine health, wellness, training and behaviour. My goal is to help pet owners/pet parents live the best life with their dogs, have rewarding relationships and to see fewer dogs land in shelters due to what is considered "bad behaviour". I work with dogs every day who are dealing with anxiety, fear, over arousal, reactivity, bad manners and many other struggles. It's been a long road learning, there have been ups and downs, good advice, bad advice, but all of it led me back to the relationship and communication between human and dog. Regardless of its challenges, this is the best job a person could have and it's something I get to get up and do every single day! 



Absolute Dogs Pro Dog Trainer course Class of 2019

Absolute Dog Pro Dog Trainer Geek Course  2019

Canine Behaviour Consultant Certificate - In Progress 

Canine Foundations Seminars/Certificates:

Canine Basic Behaviour 101

Canine Behaviour 102 - Separation Anxiety

Canine Behaviour 103 - Resource Guarding

Dog to Dog Aggression 

K9 Self Defense 

Professional Dog Walking Certificate 
Canine First Aid 

Dr. Ian Dunbar's "The Sex and Aggression Conference" - Four day seminar focusing on sexual behavior and reproduction, social behavior and dominance, fighting (dog - dog aggression) and biting (dog - human aggression).

The Aggression in Dogs Conference 2020


Canine Massage Course through Treetops and E-Training for Dogs


Canine Nutrition Level 1 and 2 through E-Training for Dogs, taught by Dr. Ava Frick, DVM 


Monica Segal's "K9 Kitchen" seminar, discussing canine nutrition and wellness.

Racine Hyatt's Athletic Performance Strategies and Raising an Athletic Puppy. 


During my time at the pet food and supply store, I attended countless meetings and seminars with distributors, manufacturers, nutritionists, pet owners and scientists who assisted in or developed their own pet foods, supplements and other products.

Over the past eleven years I have had the awesome opportunity of meeting and working with some truly wonderful people in the pet industry, who have all provided me with new experiences, information, and have led me to the path I am on currently.

I will continue to attend seminars and take courses throughout my career to build on my skills, knowledge and keep up to date on everything I can to make our dogs' lives the best they can be! 

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